Youtube Link

Thank you to all who attended our previous classes - we're so glad you had a great time! However, because of the difficulty in scheduling times that fit into everyone's schedule, we decided to make a youtube tutorial video so you can follow along at your convience on your own time, whenever you want! Watch our youtube video here, and contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!


Quick Tips!

 -The wicks included with your kit are rectangle shaped, not circular. Be sure when placing your wick in the wick centering bar, that you insert the wick correctly.
-Creating a perfect candle takes time and patience. Simply adding the fragrance or dye at the wrong time during the process can result in a poor performance in the long run.
-Soy Wax can create air pockets in the candle as it cools. To get rid of these pockets, use the stirring stick to poke holes around the wick, and use a hair dryer to melt wax into the holes.
-You can also reuse parts of the kit. The pouring pitcher, stirring stick, and wick bar can all be used again for future candle making activities. Just be sure to thoroughly clean each part with warm water and a paper towel.